Real-world data and the implications of IDFA deprecation – from GameMakers UA Coffee Talks

We talk about real-world data and the implications of IDFA deprecation. There has been a lot of VERY BAD information being published on this topic. So we have discussed some real data about what’s actually happening.

Building a Data-Driven Creative Framework

Today I'm going to walk you through the creative framework I use, but we will be also talking about understanding of your target audience and how it's super important. Least but not last you are going to read about the creative framework and audience and where to get some inspiration.

Ad Creatives Framework: Optimization Deep Dive

Today we are talking ad creatives – increasingly the biggest driver for alpha and user acquisition. So a lot of people talk about creatives at a very high level but not today. We’re gonna go deep, we’re gonna go tactical.

Creatives framework: Deep dive

Jobs in Games: How to get a job as a marketing manager and UA lead

The games industry plays host to an excellent cast of colourful and diverse individuals, from artists and coders to narrative designers and studio heads. The skills to pull off these roles, however, are complex and differing. With each position requiring mastery in its field. As such, seeing a game come together is a beautiful thing […]


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