User Acquisition basics

8 Must-haves before the post-IDFA Soft Launch

You know the situation. Your game is finally in the stage where it is ready to soft launch, investors need to see the first numbers, and yesterday was already too late. I was often in a similar situation when developers uploaded a new app/game to the store and told me, ” Please, can you launch […]

Appsflyer vs Singular – Performance index & Benchmarks comparison

Everybody wants to know how to spend their money effectively. Which AD network can deliver the best possible results? What is the top-performing channel for each mobile game category? What network is better to use when my revenue split in the game is 80:20 in favor of ADs? Yada yada yada!

User Acquisition & Creative learnings with comments – 2022

The year 2022? The HARDEST year ever. Interesting in many ways. Lots of ups and downs! Starting to share my learnings and comments every year.. This year again a bit longer!

10 User Acquisition mega predictions for 2023

It's the time of the year when everybody makes predictions. Unfortunately these predictions are always based on the thin air and fingers in people's asses. I will summarise the predictions for you. This is what you will hear in the next couple of weeks!

11 tips for killer User Acquisition ops (Q4 version)

Yo! Enjoy these few tips that will help you to improve your UA Operations. If don't, at least you spent few minutes reading and not working. Sit back, relax the winter Q4 edition and share this with your UA friends. They will love you!

How to create APP on Facebook

Before You Start The first thing to have before using Facebook app installs is a Facebook account. Setting up a Facebook account for your business is very easy and Facebook just asks for a few necessary details to help you out. Further, creating a business account on Facebook is completely free. How to set up […]

How to win the iOS14 User Acquisition battle?

Is it possible to run profitable iOS14 campaigns in this "IDFApocalypse"? I guess it is.. Ehm, I know it is .. privacy threshold here, privacy threshold there..

11 tips for killer User Acquisition ops (Q3 version)

Yo! Enjoy these few tips that will help you to improve your UA. If don't, at least you spent 10 minutes reading and not working..

12 tips for killer User Acquisition operations

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn You know why you are here! Keep reading the tips to improve your UA. Simple, practical & efficient! That’s it, no bullshit! #1 Google Ad ROAS campaigns If your game is monetised by Ads, definitely reach out to your Google rep (or ping me and I will share the guidelines) about Adbased […]

Performance increase, hack! Use all 4 formats of creative in one Ad on Facebook App Ads campaigns

Start with the right size video or image Choosing the right Ad size before you launch your campaign in Facebook Ads Manager is the best you can do and it helps you to squeeze in the maximum from your creative champion from every placement on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, etc… It gives you full control […]

Google UAC Youtube shorts life saving hack!

Youtube shorts are here! Already ruining lives of UA managers. But worry not, I am here to save your a$$ ...

Choosing the right Bid Strategy for you

As you may be aware, Facebook provides four different bid strategies, or techniques to optimize bids. Lowest Cost, Bid Cap, Target Cap, and Cost Cap are the four options.


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