two & a half gamers session #25 – Does Ubisoft give a F! about mobile games?

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Welcome to our #25 episode of two & half gamers! In this episode we covered various topics:

Today we’ll be discussing Ubisoft

  • 1:18 Some general information on Ubisoft:
    • Let’s dive into the first sets of numbers!
    • Ubisoft is as all of you know a French company which is also reflected in their 2021 annual financial statement. The cover page which you’re greeted by has a picture of two playable characters that are looking down on you with a look of sheer superiority. Ubisoft was founded by Yves Guillemot, who still leads the company as its CEO and largest shareholder with an 18% stake.
  • 7:41 Felix speaks French about Ubisoft mobile
  • 8:21 Ubisoft mobile portfolio general info & revenues
  • 23:50 Insider South Park info
  • 25:00 Idle miner OG idle game + all other new IDLE games 
  • 29:00 Ubisoft non-mobile portfolio info
  • 32:20 User Acquisition intro
  • 33:20 UA spend
  • 34:08 Main UA channels
  • 36:10 Creatives FB vs Google
  • 8:20 UA suggestions
  • 42:00 Kolibri UA 
  • 42:30 Kolibri main UA channel
  • 44:00 Admon intro
  • 47:10 Kolibri Admon
  • 50:00 Greenpanda games admon
  • 50:30 1492 admon

Listen in to learn more! 

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