two & half gamers session #14 – How to read Ad mon data for beginners? ATT & player

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Welcome to our #14 episode of two & half gamers! In this episode we covered various topics:

  • 4:40 Meta numbers
  • 10:10 Rovio revenue increase & quarterly results
  • 13:40 ATT numbers, player segmentation & ad monetisation
  • 20:20 Is Ubisoft getting bought? 
  • 25:10 Activision numbers 
  • 31:30 How to read Ad mon data for beginners?
How to look at those data?
Applovin and iS don’t really have a good guide for how to use their platform as it’s not in their interests. So it’s not your fault you don’t know this, it’s by design! They’re both great companies but the perfect client for MAX and iS is a dev who signs up and does nothing. This is a short guide for beginners on how to look at admon data. This presentation is for Applovin and I’ll do Ironsource another time. I actually have slides so for you listening I’ll try to narrate as best as I can. There’s 2 topics that I’d like to cover are “Advanced reporting” and “AB tests” with an extra bonus CYA topic on “Network Comparison” if we have time.



Panelists: Jakub Remiar, Felix BrabergMatej Lančarič 

Listen in to learn more! 

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