two & half gamers session #16 – 7 Ad monetisation secrets how to make more revenue

This is no BS gaming podcast two and a half gamers. A safe space for all of us & you as well. Bringing you the feel of a „4am conference“ discussion about the gaming industry. Fun, latest news, but also education. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to our #16 episode of two & half gamers! In this episode we covered various topics:

  • 00.40 Matej missing in action after beach party
  • 02.00 Introduction
  • 03.36 Possible EA Acquisition
  • 06.50 Marvel Snap 
  • 11.40 Ubisoft want Eur 60 per share
  • 14.11 Tencent revenue growth slows
  • 18.53 TikTok wants to release in-app games this year
  • 23.00 Ad Monetization Secrets
  • 24.00 All is a negotiation 
  • 26.00End cards from ads 
  • 29.00 X close button
  • 32.00 Audio turning on
  • 33.00 High placement price points
  • 35.00 Vungle Bidder
  • 36.30 Unity Latency 
  • 38.24 Admob Placements
  • 40.51 Rewarded Video icons during holidays

7 Secrets of making more money with Ad monetisation  

  • As an Admon person it’s your job to know as much as possible about as many networks as possible. This gives you the edge to make more ad revenue. So I learned all these things in a variety of ways. Ranging from being angry, making mistakes, and at 4 am at a conference bar. I’ll start with some general ones then network specific ones.   
  • Everything when it comes to ad networks is a negotiation and you can negotiate anything!   
  • The real first make or break moment comes when you’re able to get an AM in all the networks that you work with. Having this connection allows you to ask for all things 
  • Bigger networks obviously listen less 
  • End cards from ads  
  • X’s to close ads  
  • Audio Turning on when phone is muted 
  • Placement Price Points are too high  
  • Moving on to Network specific tips  
  • Vungle – If you’re using Vungle on bidder and your average eCPM in the waterfall is higher than $26 you should move to Vungle Placements  
  • Unity – Everyone talks about latency on the mediation side. On Unity you can also get latency if you have too many placements created on Unity that you’re not using.  
  • Admob – This is a deadly tip but a bit of a double edged sword. The admob algo works by ramping up data in the first 3 days to feed its algo on price points.   
  • Game Design for ads?  Change ad buttons every time there is a holiday (Christmas, Halloween etc).   
Panelists: Jakub Remiar, Felix Braberg, (today without me Matej Lančarič)

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