two & half gamers session #17 – the creative framework, tips for inspiration, recession & games

This is no BS gaming podcast two and a half gamers. A safe space for all of us & you as well. Bringing you the feel of a „4am conference“ discussion about the gaming industry. Fun, latest news, but also education. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to our #17 episode of two & half gamers! In this episode we covered various topics:

  • 2:55 Recession & mobile games
  • 14:50 Apex Legends 
  • 21:34 The creative framework  
  • 40:40 5 secret tips where to get inspiration

Describing creative process from scratch 

competitor research + old creatives assessment, brainstorming, creative brief, production, testing, evaluation, iteration, new brainstorming,  all over again 

What kind of tools to use for competitor research?  

5 secret tips where to get inspiration 

  • Youtube videos with millions of views (unboxing – chest openings) 
  • Current situation (covid, EURO, seasonal creatives – although those suck balls) 
  • Memes (drake, whatever else trending at the moment… ) 
  • Hype (Netflix series, …) 
  • Different game genres

Why are we making creatives for players and not art directors? 

presentation with tips & examples   

Listen in to learn more! 

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