two & half gamers session #9 – How to increase AdARPDAU? How Adnetworks make money?

This is no BS gaming podcast two and a half gamers. A safe space for all of us & you as well. Bringing you the feel of a „4am conference“ discussion about the gaming industry. Fun, latest news, but also education. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to our #9 episode of two & half gamers! In this episode we covered various topics:

  • News Ad monetization fundamentals AMA
  • Ad Monetization fundamentals discussion:
  • What’s the most important ad revenue metric?
  • How’s eCPM calculated by ad networks?
  • Which ad network is the most trustworthy?
  • Which ad network is the least trustworthy?
  • How do ad networks make money?
  • What is the cutoff point of eCPM degradation?
  • How players become Ad Whales?

Panelists: Jakub Remiar, Felix BrabergMatej Lančarič

Ask Me Anything section

I have ads in my game, using unity ads only because I have a good deal with them. Should I earn more? Why is admon and UA super connected in hypercasual games? Its usually one person. Why? When do you hire an internal admon person? What scale? Or is there a KPI to look for? (Daily revenue, impressions, number of ad networks in the waterfall) Do you ban competitor ads in your game? If yes why, if no why?

Latest News:

$2 billion invested into blockchain game sector during 2022

Idle Miner Tycoon Launches on Facebook Gaming

Google launches Google Play Partner Program for large game devs

Mark Zuckerberg confirms NFTs are coming to Instagram

Interest In NFTs And The Metaverse Is Falling Fast

Listen in to learn more! 

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