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UA Insights so honest it might actually annoy you

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When you decide to subscribe to my newsletter, you will never miss an article, case study, insights or news that I will publish. In my newsletter, I will feature all my newest blog posts and articles with unique content to tie everything up in an excellent actionable package you can take to heart and implement in your business. 

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Below, I list five reasons why you should add  my newsletter to your weekly reading list!

1. UA insights

This is the place to get actionable UA tips that you can start implementing in your marketing strategy right away.

I believe in learning through implementation, which is why I want to always include the best actionable tips in my newsletter that work for me. 

No bullshit gaming podcast two & a half gamers break!

two & half gamers gaming podcast

3 Videos

2. Gain motivation

It’s easy to get stuck when something is not working. Sometimes even the smallest relevant tips can elevate & motivate on a journey to achieve more growth & better UA results. 

Trough my newsletter, I want to bring you the motivation you sometimes need to keep going and growing your business and your expertise. 

3. Learn UA strategies

Learning new strategies is the core of my articles. Whether you are interested in recent platform changes, IDFA shannenigans, creative frameworks or other UA related shit, here you will always learn something new. 

Brutally honest newsletter is the way for you to keep up your professionalism up to date through the newest insights in the fast-moving gaming industry. 

4. Learn through case studies

From time to time, I publish interesting global launch case studies of different games. My goal when creating these case studies is relevancy and actionability. 

I always want to create data-driven case studies that are beneficial to any marketer or game developer. My case studies showcase methods in action, their real-life results, and how can you replicate each case study’s success. 

An essential part of these case studies I publish is that they showcase fails and mistakes that help you avoid making these mistakes in your business.

For example, read following to get a taste: global launch case study

Marvel snap global launch case study

Deconstruction of Ants: Underground kingdom

5. Relevant content 

I want to bring to my subscriber’s unique approaches and content to help them achieve more with gaming business and User Acquisition. 

I provide you the research you don’t have the time to conduct. Also, actionable insights that help you immediately improve your UA operations

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Subscribe to Brutally Honest Newsletter 

UA Insights so honest it might actually annoy you